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The Upbeat Story

Upbeat Hosting is a privately held web hosting company based in the United States. With customers from over 160 countries worldwide, we bring several different categories of hosting together to offer our users an array of choices in beginning their web hosting journey. With unparalleled uptime, and quality support, you'll feel right at home choosing to host your websites with us.

We have a core focus and commitment to provide flexible packaging in order to help every customer and partner succeed in their online endeavors. With so many hosting companies to choose from, we at Upbeat Hosting want to make this important decision as easy as possible for you. You'll also find 24x7 always available support with us which further contributes to providing a smooth experience.

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New websites installed
annually on average.


Across 160 Countries


Always Available
Support Staff

Why Choose Upbeat?

Know more about our hardware.

Enterprise Xeon Processors

With all packages powered by Intel's Xeon Processors, you have all you need for data efficiency and reliability.

Raid-10 Protected Storage

We store your information on multiple hard disks using mirroring with Raid-10 technology resulting in greater performance and security.

Data Center in New York

Our servers are located in a state of the art data center in New York - you're in good hands!

Deploy Globally

Interested in reseller hosting? Don't just be limited to your locality. Offer your services to clients worldwide from different countries all from the ease of your laptop!

Your own hosting business worldwide.